Transportation and Inventory Management Help iGPS Stay On Top of Growth

Reverse Logistics, Supply Chain, Transportation Management, Warehousing & Distribution Management
February 2, 2012

Wooden pallets have been used in supply chains around the world for more than 60 years. They have also been one of the supply chains’ greatest headaches.

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems

Intelligent Global Pooling Systems

When Intelligent Global Pooling Systems (iGPS) created the first RFID-tagged all-plastic pallet pool, they required a logistics model to support the deployment of more than 175 million pallets across its customer base. They were in need of a real-time, cost-effective transportation management and reverse logistics system for their rapidly growing pooling network. They also needed a solution that could handle the constantly changing model where origins and destinations are always dynamic.

Ryder’s Involvement

They turned to Ryder to help them design a network where iGPS customer locations – CPG and retailer warehouses – become pallet pooling centers.

On a daily basis, Ryder tracks pallets that are in use and identifies available pallets at Retailer and CPG manufacturer warehouses that are ready to be re-deployed to another iGPS customer. Ryder handles all of the necessary transportation, inventory management and reverse logistics services required to manage the flow of pallets throughout the entire network. This includes managing third-party carriers and handling freight bill audit and payment.

Are you currently following a similar model of forward and reverse logistics at your organization?

Read the full iGPS case study.


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