Should your fleet go blue?

Alternative Fuels / Natural Gas Vehicles, Engine Technology, Fuel Services
January 28, 2015

Oil prices may be low, but with experts predicting they may rise as quickly as they’ve fallen, companies are still considering alternative fuels for their fleets.

During a recent webinar hosted by Fleet Owner magazine and sponsored by Ryder, two industry experts gave Compressed Natural Gas Fleetlisteners useful insights on some of the factors companies should consider as they explore the question: Should your fleet go blue?

Billy Lawder, Director of Transportation Engineering for Anheuser-Busch shared his company’s recent experience and the factors behind switching 66 of its diesel tractors in Houston with compressed natural gas (CNG) engines.  “We are looking at CNG as a fuel diversification strategy,” says Billy. “Companies need to look at account management, fuel, maintenance and equipment and look at what that all adds up to at the end of the day.”

Meanwhile, Jeff Campbell, Director of Marketing for Cummins Westport, focused on the technical aspects of the ‘big blue’ question and shared information about engine options and the technology behind natural gas.  For example, a fleet manager will need to know the difference and benefits between stoichiometric combustion and spark ignition, as well as the operational pros and cons between natural gas and diesel engines.

While proponents and naysayers in the debate over alternative fuels may disagree about the maintenance and equipment costs related to natural gas vehicles, they do agree that the fuel costs are materially lower than diesel and are set to remain so.  In fact, savings are currently in the $1.50 to $2 range currently – making the economic appeal hard to ignore. Don’t forget, along with the per gallon cost savings, consider how many more miles the natural gas vehicles can travel per gallon and the greater contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

To learn more, register and listen to the entire webinar here. Registration is FREE.


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