Willow Run Foods: A Fresh Take on How CNG Cut Costs, Curbed Emissions & Improved Efficiency

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April 22, 2015

Willow Run Foods Case StudyEvery week, Willow Run Foods makes 2,500 deliveries of fresh foods and other products to restaurants in 14 states from Virginia to Maine. Their drivers log over 8.5 million miles per year, much of that in the New York metropolitan area – a region beset by congestion and high emissions.

When Willow Run Foods wanted a cleaner, greener way to deliver food products to fast-food restaurants across the Northeastern U.S., the premier food distributor turned to long-time partner, Ryder. The challenge to transportation managers was to find a way to cut the fleet’s environmental impact. Using a New York state grant and a sustainability plan created with Ryder, Willow Run leased 15 heavy-duty compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors, converting almost 15% of its tractor fleet.

Almost immediately, the company – and the environment – saw returns. Even with low diesel prices, Willow Run realized annual fuel savings of $100,000 from the CNG vehicles. Each vehicle’s 550-mile range per fill-up means drivers can complete a full delivery circuit from the company’s distribution center in Kirkwood, New York, before refueling.

The company also reduced its annual greenhouse gas emissions by 50 tons along New York City, Long Island, and northern New Jersey routes.

With lower fuel costs, greater efficiency and a smaller carbon footprint, Willow Run Foods is serving up sustainable distribution of food products – one delivery at a time.

Click below to download the full case study to learn how Willow Run Foods is reaping the cost and environmental benefits of adding natural gas vehicles to its fleet.

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