Streamlining Cross-Border Distribution into Mexico for Pilot Pen

Consumer Goods, Cross Docking, Supply Chain, Transportation Management, Warehousing & Distribution Management
May 5, 2015

With trade volumesCross-Border Distribution Case Study up between the U.S, Canada and Mexico, opportunities have never been better for retailers to streamline their cross-border distribution strategies. The benefits are appealing, including lower transportation costs, shorter cycle and lead times, and a reduced need to hold inventory or expedite shipments. But to tap into Mexico and Canada’s infrastructure, technology and low-cost labor pools, you have to know your way around.

With Mexico re-affirming its status as a global trade and logistics hub, Pilot Pen partnered with Ryder to expand its operations in the country by implementing a cross-border solution that provided a multi-client, transportation and distribution network tailored to operate in Mexico’s complex business environment. Process improvements streamlined Pilot Pen’s entire operation and resulted in a more efficient warehouse, expanding inventory levels from 500,000 to 2.5 million and the addition of 200 new products.

To learn more about how Pilot Pen was able to achieve success entering the Mexican market, download the full case study below.

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