Filtering Waste with a LEAN Supply Chain

Lean Guiding Principles, Retail, Supply Chain, Warehousing & Distribution Management
November 16, 2015

LEAN Supply ChainWhen it comes to your supply chain, if something doesn’t add value, it should be eliminated. That is how LEAN supply chains operate. By implementing a LEAN culture of continuous improvement, supply chain managers can create tremendous opportunities to eliminate waste and drive efficiencies.

For FRAM, America’s number one oil filter brand, implementing a LEAN culture in its distribution centers (DCs) has allowed the company to filter waste out of its supply chain. The ability to work seamlessly has greatly enhanced FRAM’s capability to deliver first quality customer service. It has allowed them to adapt and succeed amidst the headwinds of change in this aspect of the industry, giving FRAM the ability to see a gain in revenue rather than a loss.

The implementation began when FRAM partnered with Ryder to transform its 710,000-square-foot DC in Hebron, Kentucky. Since implementing LEAN at the facility, FRAM has been able to duplicate the improvements at its other DCs around the country.

Being the number one oil filter brand in America, FRAM knows having waste in your engine leads to poor performance. Being a supply chain logistics industry leader, Ryder knows having waste in your supply chain can also lead to poor performance. By collaborating with Ryder, FRAM was able to implement more efficient processes and cut supply chain costs. Download the case study to learn the full results of the partnership.

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