5 Ways On-Demand Maintenance Can Boost Your Bottom Line

Maintenance, Transportation Management
February 4, 2016

on-demand-maintainence-020516It used to be tough to find top quality maintenance service on a flexible basis from one provider with locations just where you need them, when you need them. The result was that many fleet managers had to struggle with multiple maintenance providers, pay inconsistent rates for service and repairs, and deal with hundreds of invoices and varying billing structures. Those problems are over.

After a two-year pilot program, we recently launched Ryder’s On-Demand Maintenance, which provides large fleets with 500+ vehicles access to service whenever needed at more than 450 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Now, you can get consistent service at all of these locations for pre-negotiated contracted rates delivered by our team of 5,000+ certified technicians.

How On-Demand Maintenance Works

A customer schedules preventive maintenance and repair work whenever and wherever it’s needed. All it takes is a call to Ryder’s Managed Maintenance Center and a representative will discuss the scope of the job, obtain any necessary authorizations, and immediately schedule the work. Charges for the work are billed at pre-negotiated contracted rates and invoices (using VMRS and SRT coding) are sent weekly or monthly.

5 Ways On-Demand Maintenance Delivers For You

Saving valuable time and money for you are at the heart of how On-Demand Maintenance can boost your bottom line. Having access to maintenance services where and when you need them also saves worry and hassles.

Here’s how all of these goals are met for you:

You have: Predictable Costs – Being able to predict the exact cost of services you will need way before you need them helps with budgeting, so there are no surprises.

You receive: Preferred Rates – Because you are negotiating rates for services at the beginning of your contract and your work is all being completed by Ryder, we are able to give you lower rates than what you would see from other providers.

You work with: Highly Trained Technicians with the Best Equipment – Ryder technicians are highly-trained professionals who work with the most current, technology-driven tools to keep your fleet on the road – increasing uptime.

You have access to a: Large Network of Service Locations – No matter where your vehicles travel in the U.S. and Canada, they will never be far from expert service at one of 450 Ryder locations.

You get: One-Supplier Simplicity– A single supplier of maintenance services means you will have just one set of invoices and one system to work within – which saves you lots of time and hassle.

See what Saia LTL Freight has to say about it

Transportation giant Saia LTL Freight (Saia) makes more than 26,000 freight deliveries a day throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico, and needed consistent, reliable, quality maintenance services wherever and whenever required.

Future productivity and profitability necessitated a national vendor to maintain its fleet of 16,000 vehicles in the most efficient way possible, wherever the vehicles were operating. Instead of working with hundreds of small, local, maintenance vendors – all with different billing systems and varying quality controls – Saia wanted just one.

Watch the video below and learn how Saia has benefited from Ryder On-Demand Maintenance.


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