Why Leasing your Fleet is a No Brainer

Fleet Management, Leasing
March 31, 2016

Fleet Lease vs. OwnEven though business opportunities and challenges are constantly changing, it’s easy to fall into the trap of doing things the way you always have – just because you’re used to doing them this way.

For example, in the past it may have made sense to own your fleet. But things have likely changed since you made that decision.

Today’s business environment is full of challenges for fleet owners, and it is only getting more complicated. New emissions technology is making trucks more expensive and complex to maintain. Truck prices, along with associated maintenance and repair expenses, have increased by more than 40 percent. The driver and technician shortage is also hampering fleet owners who need to get products to customers.

And when it comes to tax benefits regarding your fleet, those have changed too. In the past they were only available for those who owned their fleet. Now you can receive tax benefits from leasing as well – along with the professional branding of your fleet done for you.

The truth is, owning, running, and maintaining a fleet can be costly. Unpredictable costs, breakdowns, and unseen risk can take your focus away from your business and your customers. With a top quality full service lease, you get a fleet you can rely on, predictable monthly costs, vehicle replacement opportunity and time to focus on your business.

Through a full service lease, your monthly payment can actually be less than what you are paying by owning your fleet. You also limit your risk should your vehicle breakdown, as all maintenance is covered – even tires, brakes, and oil changes.

Consider this list of expenses and time consuming activities involved in owning your fleet versus the simplicity, predictability, and cost-effectiveness of a top quality full service lease:

Own vs Lease

When you see all of the factors involved in the complexity and expense of owning versus the ease and economy of leasing, it must seem like a “no brainer” decision. We’re here to help you explore the option. Just give us a call at 1-800-793-3765.



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