Transportation Professionals Say Flexibility & Choice Are Top Priorities in Vehicle Leasing

Fleet Management, Leasing
May 23, 2016

Ryder ChoiceLeaseMost fleet and vehicle maintenance providers are not meeting the needs of many business owners and transportation management professionals. That is what hundreds of industry experts told Ryder transportation professionals when the company asked for their input.

They told us that leases were not offering them the flexibility and choice they needed when it comes to vehicle type and maintenance services selection. Because these choices were missing, they didn’t feel they had the control they wanted over their fleets, while adding that they also didn’t feel they were getting the performance level they wanted from them. They all wanted a vehicle lease that is customized to their business needs.

Here are the specifics of what they think this lease would include:

  • Ability to choose what level of maintenance and delivery method works for them
  • Ability to choose varying term lengths of the lease
  • Ability to choose the type of vehicle they want
  • Access to a range of financing options

To meet these needs, Ryder has launched an industry first: Ryder ChoiceLease. This new offering in vehicle leasing provides the flexibility, choice, and control that business owners say they need to run their companies in a rapidly changing marketplace – but haven’t been able to obtain until now.

The Ryder ChoiceLease allows you to decide the term – from one to 10 years. You also choose the level of maintenance and delivery method you prefer – from pay-as-you-go to full-service. You choose the trucks you want. And you choose from many financing options.

The only commitments you make in this lease are the ones you want – the ones you choose – because they are right for your business. This is what separates the Ryder ChoiceLease from others in the industry. You are no longer tied to terms that a vehicle provider decides for you – you decide your own terms based on your company’s specific needs.

Learn more about the Ryder ChoiceLease portfolio in our brochure.

Ryder ChoiceLease


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